Beta-Only Access Available to Everyone

Are you itching to try out Evolution: The Video Game? Did you miss our Kickstarter campaign? Are you sneakily trying to get all your friends and family hooked on your favorite game?

Your day is about to improve.

Evolution: The Video Game releases next week, but from now until February 11th, you and everyone you know can play a beta preview of the game on Steam! Our friends at Steel Series and Alienware Arena are helping us promote Evolution, and through either of their sites, you can get a beta-only Steam key completely free.

To claim a Steam Key from Steel Series, click here

To claim one from Alienware Arena, click here

No matter where you get them, these beta-only keys are redeemable on Steam and will be active until February 11th.

This special preview is our way of letting players try out the game on PC or Mac before they buy it. Anyone who joins in to play before the release will have full access to the base game, including the campaign, multiplayer, friends list, and more! This is a great way to learn the ropes of Evolution and to introduce your friends to the game with no commitment.

If you want permanent access to the game – plus the opportunity to take part in monthly tournaments, challenges, and more – it will be available on Steam, iOS, and Android February 12th.

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