Base Camp Field Report #1

Congratulations, Biologists, Base Camp is Open!

We are so excited to announce the successful launch of Evolution : the Video Game!  

On Tuesday, February 12,  (auspiciously, the birthday of Charles Darwin) Evolution hatched into the world with wobbly legs and bright eyes.  While Evolution did have a few stumbles, overall it has been an exciting and well-received launch that we feel proud of. We are so grateful to all of the Kickstarter Backers, Beta Testers and Media who supported us all the way to the finish line — we couldn’t have done it without you!

Since launch we have pushed our first update to patch some of the issues around account logins and de-syncs, as well as added in the Discoveries tab, so that you can see all your collected species artwork!  The development team has been hard at work responding to all of your questions and feedback, as well as working round the clock to fix major bugs that are affecting some people.

For those of you who are Android users, we think we have solved the annoying overheating problem on Galaxy and Pixel devices.  We also had to make adjustments to the minimum specifications due to older devices not handling the game well, and potentially causing de-sync issues in Multiplayer. We set the minimum OS to 8, Oreo, for the time being.  We are available for questions or concerns if this has affected you; simply drop a line to

After years of incubating, hard work, design iterations, hours of planning meetings, numerous conventions, and many, many cups of coffee, we finally did it!  We are so excited about the game we’ve created and we hope that you love it too. However, we aren’t done yet! In the coming weeks, we are working on more bug fixes and rolling out additional planned features.  Some of those things are:


  • Ultra-widescreen support
  • Comprehensive in-game statistics
  • Asynchronous Mode
  • Pass and Play Mode

Once again we want to thank everyone who supported us from early on in development all the way through until launch.  Our fans and friends have helped make the game what it is today and we are thrilled to continue to improve upon it over time.   

If  you haven’t yet, please follow us and join in the conversation on our Discord server!

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