— Digital Evolution F.A.Q —

Please see our helpful rules documentation here.

Yes! If you have purchased the game on more than one platform, you can log into the game from multiple devices with the same login info to access your rankings and progress.

The “Climate” expansion definitely will be added to the Evolution video game after release, the details of this and the exact date are still pending, but we will update regularly. Other expansions are under consideration for the future.

Not at the time of release, but these features will be added to the game shortly after release.

Please visit the North Star Games website, or inquire at your local hobby shop, game store, or bookstore.

To optimize evolution for all platforms, especially mobile phones, we opted to cap the number of species that can be out on the board.  Through testing and crunching numbers, we found the sweet spot at 5, as only a very small percentage of the time can a player sustain 6 or greater species for more than one turn.