Rankings Get Real

Salutations, Explorers!
We’ve got big changes going into effect for the start of the October Tournament Today.   Yes, we’ve got a gorgeous new Hackbill avatar for you Nobel Laureates to covet, but we’re also making two changes to ELO Scores:

1.  ELO score penalties for quitting games

Players intentionally leaving a game will be treated as a forfeit in elo scores.  This should help stop the bad behavior of folks abandoning games early to avoid a loss.

2.  ELO Scores adjusted at the start of each Tournament

By popular demand, we’re adjusting ELO Scores downward at the start of each tournament.   This will allow new players to climb to the top of the ELO Leaderboard, and ensure only active players can win a tournament.

Note:  ELO Leaderboards are not visible in the live game just yet.  Those of you in the beta can see them, and you’re still welcome to join!  (reach out to 404error_NSG  in Discord).  You can also still see your elo on our old website


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