Get This Exclusive Avatar Before the End of March!

Evolution exclusive avatarGreetings explorers! As many of you know, the March tournament season in Evolution is ending on the 31st, and there’s now an extra incentive to reach “Nobel Laureate” before the end of each month! With each new tournament season, there will be a new limited-time avatar for the Nobel Laureate rank, and in order to add it to your collection, you have to reach the top of the ladder before it’s gone.

When March ends, the handsome simian you can see featured in this post will be replaced with a brand new creature icon, and only players who reached Nobel Laureate in March will be able to select it from their menu of avatars. This is your heads up to keep diving into matches and make sure you’re able to collect this beautiful art before its gone.

What will April’s exclusive avatar look like, you ask? You’ll have to wait to find out! Keep on showing us your skills, explorers, and keep letting us know how we can make Evolution bigger, better, and more fun.

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